How to get online CIBIL credit score?

One must know the credit score if you have availed any loan or propose to avail a loan from any Bank. Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd (CIBIL) can provide your credit score. CIBIL is a repository of information, which contains credit history of commercial and individual borrowers. It provides credit score which is called as CIBIL Trans Union Score and it ranges from 300 to 900. A lower score is considered Risky. Higher the credit score is better. Some banks charge higher interest for lower credit score and can even refuse loan.

These are uncertain times of high inflation and rising cost of living; Financial Planning helps one to find answers on many financial challenges. The Financial Planning services are best secured from a fee-only Certified Financial Planner or SEBI Registered Investment Advisor who provides unbiased advice independent of product sales. 

 If you pay fees for financial planning, what do you get in return? Will you be able to recover the value of the fee that you are paying?

How RTI can help you?

1.      What is RTI?

Right to Information Act has been enacted by the Govt of India in the year 2005 to help the citizens for getting timely information from the Public Authorities.

 2.     What information under RTI?

Information includes records, documents, memos, e-mails, circulars, orders, contracts, reports, notifications etc. It also includes information relating to any private body which can be accessed by the public authority. Applicants has  right to seek such information from a public authority which is held by the public authority or which is held under its control.

It can help citizens in the day to day areas like; Income Tax, Provident Fund, Land records, Building plans, Municipal services, Electricity, RTO, Govt projects,  etc.

How can a "Trust" help special Children?

Akash is 14 years old, staying in Kharghar with his parents. He is in born differently-abled. He depends always on his mother for daily routines. His parents are spending around to Rs 20,000 per month on his treatment. They are worried for his future; what will happen to him if they are not there?

Like Akash’s parents, most are worried for their special children. The emotional support can be provided by the family but a permanent financial solution for the children during their life time is the biggest challenge in our society. During their life time, they can take care of their special child but who will take care him after them? 

Are you prepared for your milestones?

There are various milestones which we achieve in our lifetime. Each of these brings some changes in our priorities and financial requirements. To accommodate these changes and to move ahead to achieve the goals we have identified, one has to prepare well. Sometimes the change may require a big financial support or financial planning to proceed further in our life. Here are some of the milestones which we will have to go through and we should be well prepared to accommodate them without affecting our financial well-being:  

How to maintain documents online?

Mr. Naren  is 45 years old and  staying with his family in Vashi. He is working in a textile company. He has a 2BHK  flat in Vashi, a 3 BHK flat in Pune and  2 acres land in Karjat.  Mr Naren has  made a Will to avoid future litigation between his children as a part of his estate planning. Initially he kept all his documents in bank lockers, for which he is paying locker charges of Rs 2500 pa. He finds it very inconvenient to visit the Bank every time to access to his documents. Further he has been told that he has to pay extra visits charge now. 

Life Insurers:Claims paid,Rejection and Pending Ratio(Nos of claims)

Year 2011-12

Comparative returns (31st January 2013)

Now customers can ascertain the comparative returns on ULIPs Funds. Morning Star India has brought out the analysis on the performance of ULIPS. The analysis covers eight categories of Funds and has been assigned star ratings based on their historical performance. We furnish here One year, Three year and Five year comparative returns of 37 five star rated Funds which are serialized on 3 year return basis. 

Income Tax Planning FY 2012-13

The changes brought about in the Income Tax Act for the Financial Year 2012-13 pertaining to individuals are sections(a) 80D(Preventive health check of Rs 5,000/-),(b)Section 80CCD(Employer's contribution to NPS upto 10% of salary as allowable business expenses) and (c) section 80CCG(50% deduction for fresh Investment in equity upto Rs 50,000/- for first time investors). Further section 80CCF for investment of Rs 20,000/- in infrastructure schemes has been withdrawn.

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