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Start ups revolution is happening in India. Many start-ups have come to solve your day to day problems of accessibility and availability various services in the different fields. Many of them have apps those can be downloaded in the smart phones. The following are the some of the online services;

Practo(Doctors) :  This site gives detailed information about  doctors within your locality along with their   experience, clinic timings and fees.

Med India (Diseases) : Med India is most comprehensive health and medicine site where you can find information on diseases, first aid advice, medical acronyms, health calculators for diabetes, cardiac patients, height/weight tools, a section on diet and nutrition.

Ayurvedic medicine :  you can access the age old medical knowledge of ayurveda though this site, as almost every mixture can be formulated using items that are available locally. This also has the medicinal properties of spices and herbs that can be used to treat no of common ailments at home.

Zomato(Food joints) : Complete directory of local food joints in different classifications provided with detailed rate sheets, reviews and testimonials.

Oyorooms (Hotel rooms): India’s largest branded network of budget Hotels. Oyorooms ensures certain standards for a hotel room like Cleanliness and spotless linen, hygienic bathrooms, complimentary breakfast, A/C rooms with flat screen TV, free wifi, room service call through smartphone.

Glympse(Sharing of locations) :  Glympse is a fast, free, and simple way to share your location in real time with the people you trust . It is very helpful for tracking the near and dear ones visiting unknown places.

Uber(Taxi): Your ride on demand.Uber is online car fleet services with several choices of vehicle type to suit your demand.You can book the car online through phone and enjoy the ride. You can get a free ride or a  price discount on your first ride if you use smartphone  for booking.

Ola(Taxi) : Easiest way to book a cab.You can have convenience,quality and control while riding with ola. It  also provides various ‘Ola mini’ that is budget car service .You can get a price discount on your first ride if you use smartphone for booking.         

Local Oye(Electrician etc) : It provide solutions to your daily housekeeping needs, like electricians, pest control, House cleaning, etc.                                                                                                                                  Local Oye is available in no of cities across India including in Mumbai .

Dropbox(Online storage): It is online storage of  soft copies of documents i.e certificates, passport , property documents .  Dropbox keeps your files safe, synced and easy to share online.

Online platform for investments:.You can invest online in Mutual Funds,Bonds,Fixed Deposits by opening an account through an adviser.No charges for opening the account.

Online platform for investments: You can invest online in Mutual Funds,Bonds,Fixed Deposits etc.You can also invest in Direct Mutual Funds by opening the wrap account.Some nominal charges for opening the account.




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