Investment Planning

Investment Planning (17)

Equity oriented funds If a fund is holding more than 65% of equity, it will be treated as Equity oriented fund. Here we have taken seven categories of equity fund.

 Large cap funds

In large cap fund, the fund manager invests more than 80% of asset in large cap companies. This fund is less volatile.

Abinash  is 45 years old and  staying in Navi Mumbai in a rented flat. Three years ago, he had booked an 3  BHK apartment  in Navi Mumbai after seeing the sample flat. The family  were very  pleased with the look  and feel of the sample flat. After the possession, they are disappointed. It was nowhere close to what they had been shown. In the sample flat, the rooms looked big and perfectly done up, but the size of the actual flat is much smaller and material used is inferior. He is running from pillar to post to get justice. Most of the people are taken for a ride by the builders due to lack of knowledge about house or flat. Buying a flat is the dream of every one. It is important to know certain basics and tips in buying a flat:

One must know the credit score if you have availed any loan or propose to avail a loan from any Bank. Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd (CIBIL) can provide your credit score. CIBIL is a repository of information, which contains credit history of commercial and individual borrowers. It provides credit score which is called as CIBIL Trans Union Score and it ranges from 300 to 900. A lower score is considered Risky. Higher the credit score is better. Some banks charge higher interest for lower credit score and can even refuse loan.

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