Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2016

(Open between 1st Sept to 9th Sept 2016)

It is a government securities denominated in grams of gold. They are substitutes for holding physical gold. Investors have to pay the issue price in cash and the bonds will be redeemed in cash on maturity. The Bond is issued by Reserve Bank on behalf of Government of India. The bonds are held in the books of the RBI  or in demat form eliminating risk of loss of scrip. The application form will be provided by the issuing banks/designated Post Offices. It can also be downloaded from the RBI’s website. Banks may also provide online application facility.


KYC will be completed by the issuing banks/Post Offices. Any Individual, HUF, Trust and Company can subscribe to these bonds. The maximum holding period is 8 years with lock in period of 5 years. It carries interest rate of  2.75% pa. On maturity one can get the equivalent amount of market price of gold. Loan Facility is available against gold Bonds. One can possess gold on paper and need not  take risks of physical safekeeping.


Important points to note while Buying SGB:

  1. Issue Period: Issue open date : 1st Sept 2016 Issue Close date – 9th Sept 2016
  2. Price : Rs 3150 Per gram of Gold
  3. Interest : 2.75% p.a. payable semi-annually on the initial value of investment
  4. Investment : Min - 1Grm Max – 500 Grms gold per person in a Fiscal year (April – March)
  5. Tenor : 8years with Exit option from 5th year to be exercised on interest payment dates
  6. Tradability :  Tradable on exchanges from date to be notified by RBI

Why Sovereign Gold Bonds is better than buying physical Gold or even investing in Gold ETFs?


Physical Gold

Gold ETFs

Sovereign Gold Bonds


Lower than Actual Returns on Gold

Lower than Actual Returns on Gold

Higher than Actual Returns on Gold


Risky of Handling




Remains a Question

High- Electronic Form

Highest Purity

Collateral for Loan






Tradable on Exchange

Tradable on Exchange Exit- 5 th yr onwards

Storage Cost


Very low

Very low

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  • Subhra Kiddy

    posted by Subhra Kiddy

    Saturday, 10 September 2016 07:30

    Good option for invesment..... Thanks for the info.

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